used to be breakfromthecity

when you reactivate your okcupid account for the first time in almost 2 years and in the first 3 hours you get 10 messages and 100 profile views.

one of which being this golden piece of literature:

"Hi how are you ? My name’s Manny I think your cute and beautiful like the full moon at night with bright star’s all around and a wolf howls for it’s beauty"

I’d like to thank my boyfriend for bringing this hilarity back into my life.


Moonrise, Mt Rinjani by Jérôme Berbigier

thank goodness we’re friends with the upstairs neighbor cause I totally forgot that I need my resume printed for the interview tomorrow and I just asked if they could print it for me and they said yes so that’s very nice and positive

Feeny is 3000% done
definitely just found my future engagement ring??? I love rose quartz so much. I mean what better stone for an engagement ring than a love stone??

hey woah look at me actually smiling


it’s so hot today why is this happening