used to be breakfromthecity
Shaun’s brother gave us a giant nug just because

Shaun and I are extremely lucky that his brother has money saved up and actually wants to live with us. he’s kind of weird and small towny and naive, but his girlfriend is adorable and sweet and living with her will be nice.

I can’t wait to get an apartment and have all of my books and my shoes and my cat and SPACE. like omg I am so so so so ready to finally not have to compromise on space.

so it turns out this girl that I used to hang out with back when I was dating this doucheface of a dude works with my boyfriend and she kind of dates the owner of the restaurant and we saw each other at the bar last night and it was just a really random/weird/cool experience. 

it didn’t help that I couldn’t remember her first name all night so I called her Cosmo (which is her last name/nickname)

birthday outfit

my boyfriend’s brother got a job in the city through their cousin and he starts on monday so omg we need to start looking for an apartment like right now????  cause he’s moving down here from New Hampshire and needs a place??? we can actually all afford to live in a really nice place now???? 

Shaun wants me to call all these places but my anxiety is soaring just thinking about it so I hope they all like emails lol

I just posted a housing wanted ad on criagslist with pictures of the cats so hopefully someone wants their cute faces living in their apartment.

#ferret finally got a new hammock after ripping a gigantic hole in the old one.

Time is a flat circle.

so since my phone isn’t working and I still need a job, should I just put my boyfriend’s number on my resume until I get my phone working again?